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Top-of-the-range, made-to-measure services for your wedding, events & corporate parties by the Marie Jeanne Swing music band.

Marie Jeanne Swing

I created the group Marie Jeanne Swing in 2017 and I have been lucky enough to live this wonderful adventure since then, surrounded and accompanied by talented & passionate musicians.

Here, I offer you the services of a jazzy music group that honours French and jazz standards and takes you on a journey through several atmospheres: jazz, gypsy jazz, Latin jazz and jazz musette.

Moreover, my formation is flexible from two to six musicians, so you have the opportunity to compose yourself the music group that corresponds to your event.

Finally, each event is unique, which is why I like to work with you to develop tailor-made services according to your wishes, needs and budget.

Marie Jeanne

“Music is the language of emotions”

Emmanuel Kant

My services

The musicians and I are based in Montpellier. We travel all over France and Europe.

“Music is the steam of art. It is to poetry what reverie is to thought, what fluid is to liquid, what the ocean of clouds is to the ocean of waves.”

Victor Hugo

Your experiences

Thanks to Marie Jeanne for this exceptional atmosphere!

Lucie & Olivier

Thanks to the Marie Jeanne Swing group who really delighted us during the correction of the dictation! Great duet. Hoping to see them again and listen to them again at the Leo Mallet cultural centre.

Centre culturel Léo Mallet

Bravo and thank you for this little moment of good humour. 👏💕

Jean Philippe Lefebvre

Once again your sweet voice has transported me… Superb cover

Guillaume Jombart

Marie Jeanne group to listen to: it’s fabulous!! Bravo…

Julien Pivert

le Talent , does not bloom, anywhere !!!! Marie Jeanne………………………….. THANK YOU

Alain Bravo

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